Vital statistics
Title Hardgear
Gender Male
Race Metanoid
Faction Metanoid Empire
Family N/A
Homeworld Migrated to La Metal
Hardgear is a Metanoid scientist who came to La Metal to establish trade and alliance between their worlds empires. Hardgear however had ulterior motives to take control of La Metal's kingdom through mechanizing the population and controlling them. However, Hardgear ended up having his role taken by his would be puppet Queen Promethium.

Appearance Edit

Hardgear resembles a metal-skinned humanoid with a body colored various shades of gray. He has dark metallic hair worn in a mullet with the ends standing upward and red lenses decorating near the top, the center one possessing a gauge. He has blue lenses for eyes highlighted by dark pink marks on his face with a same link mark on his chin. On his chest was an upside down spade emblem with a red lens in the center. His dark waist also has a red lens near the center front.

Personality Edit

Hardgear is a manipulative loyalist, displayed when he approaches an alien world under the pretense of peace and harmony, only to scheme a takeover in the a name of the Metanoid Empire. To do so, he gives his helpers the impossible choice of mechanizing so that he can later control them. To make sure his plans go without failure, Hardgear is willing to abduct and murder any obstacles including Dr. Ban.

Abilities Edit

Hardgear is a leading scientist and military figure in the Metanoid Empire. His knowledge in cybernetics rivals that of Dr. Ban. Being a Metanoid, Hardgear possesses advanced technology that makes him more in tune with the mechanical nature of La Metal. He was also the very person to develop the mechanization process later used by the Machine Empire, the most advanced method being through nanotechnology. With the right equipment, he can control armies of Metanoid soldiers and Machine Men. Through this same technology, he is also able to assimilate machines and circuitry to obtain the authority and power necessary to achieve his goals.

History Edit

When La Metal's artificial sun begins to fade, Hardgear had approached the planet's Queen Promethium with the means to mechanize the planet's population. Although Promethium's family were against the idea, the queen agreed to it to save her people. To ensure success, Hardgear mortally wounds Promethium's husband, Dr. Ban forcing the doctor to digitize his mind into a pendant. Hardgear proceeded to mechanize Queen Promethium as she had realized that she had been tricked into handing her kingdom over to a conqueror. Promethium sent her daughters Emeraldas and Maetel away on the Galaxy Express 999. Hardgear tried to capture them but failed. With Promethium's mechanization complete, Hardgear attempts to assimilate her to complete his takeover. But Promethium turns the tables and absorbs Hardgear, gaining his knowledge and ruthless skills.

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