Heavy Melder
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Euphrates System
Inhabitants Machine Men
Heavy Melder is a planet existing in the fictional Euphrates Star System. In many of its appearances, it is known as a trader branch point.

Appearance Edit

Heavy Melder is mostly a desert planet with intense temperatures due to having two suns. According to an audio drama however there is a lush jungle in only one place that not many are able to find. The sky features a normally orange hue in the clouds.

Environment Edit

Heavy Melder has roughly the same density and gravity of Earth but is stated to be twice the diameter. In addition, one day on Heavy Melder is about one weak and 24 minutes on Earth time. Heavy Melder's desert climates cause a scorching level of heat to beat down on the surface. The equator possesses a very fast rotational speed, often causing severe dust and sandstorms around the planet.

Government State Edit

Due to the amount of parties as well as the harsh conditions, no central authorities exist on the planet causing a large frontier that allows absolute freedom and lawlessness. Due to this, the planet was often used as a base away from governments as well as shady deals.

Regions Edit

Trade Branch Point/Trader City Edit

The main portion of Heavy Melder, well known for its appearance similar to a wild west town. The town's tavern often attracts the attention of rogues and is well known for its signature song.

Gun Frontier Mountain Edit

Named after the state of America's frontier period and located south of the Trade Branch Point, it is known for being the resting place of what was left of the Death Shadow after Tochiro Oyama left it behind. It also served as the base of the fake Harlock.

Time Castle Edit

The home of the fake Harlock (Count Mecha in a movie). It resembles a large black colored medieval castle that features a clock at the front and a round meter, giving it the appearance of a clock tower. It's main function is to manipulate time and space to either warp or time travel. It was eventually abandoned and later self-destructed after a visit by Tetsuro Hoshino.

Ruins Edit

Mentioned in an audio drama that existed billions of year prior and existed on the only green portions of the planet. Despite its age, the civilization possessed science and technology that bordered on the Machine Empire.

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