A Machine Body is a mechanical frame used by sentient life forms to inhabit for the purpose of gaining immortality. A person with a Machine Body is referred to as a Machine Man.

History Edit

The process of Machine Bodies began on La Metal after its artificial sun was starting to fade. To combat the cold conditions, Queen Prometheum had went along with Dr. Ban's plan to have La Metal's citizens with Machine Bodies that would cut off the need for thermal regulations and sustenance. However, many of the turned civilians had lost their emotions in the process, becoming mindless slaves. With the rise of the Machine Empire, a resistance was put up to prevent domination. But even when the Machine Empire was pushed back, the spread of Machine Bodies including how to produce them continued.

Functions Edit

Machine Bodies are primarily bipedal and the appearance of them varies from just a single sensor for sight, speakers for speech capabilities, to looking completely like a regular human. Because of the advancements, some Machine Bodies can either functions just as well if not better than a regular human body. Other Machine Bodies made from cheaper and unstable parts however are less functional.

The primary component however is the brain holder which depending on the series either stores the physical brain of the body's wearer or contains the data contained in the old brain. As long as this remains intact, the body user can get a new body or replace parts indefinitely. However some brain holders cut off parts of the brain like certain emotions or even arousal and motivation due to certain issues.

Psychological Effects Edit

Because of the brain holder's limitations, it is possible for a person in a machine body to become a ruthless killing machine or even just become living puppets with no free will. Even when brain holders are fully functional, wearers of Machine Bodies can feel a sense of superiority because they are virtually immortal, often committing heinous acts such as hunting down regular humans for sport complete with no laws preventing them from doing so. Because of the high cost of Machine Bodies, wearers are often nobles or of high class, something that tends to show proof of complete superiority. As such they are the envy of poorer classes that barely have enough resources to get by in life. But still, these people often still vie for machine bodies, enough to purchase cheaper and more affordable alternatives to the more expensive parts. Unfortunately, these cybernetics are often the end of these people. A very small margin of people however only get Machine Bodies in case of medical emergency with no inflated egos or signs of madness present.

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