Machine Men is the colloquial term of people who have gained Machine Bodies. While most were originally human, the term of Machine Men also refers to mechanized animals and other species. At rare moments, it also includes naturally born mechanical people like the Metanoids.

Physiology Edit

Machine Men's bodies are mainly technological, possessing machines for body parts and organs to function. Some are barely functional and are made of scrap metal and weak batteries. Others are able to function on steady machines with regular maintenance. The most advanced Machine Men are built with nanotechnology. Most if not all Machine Men possess a matrix that stores their memories and consciousness, essentially acting as their brains and souls.

Behavior Edit

Because the electronic brains are able to store a human mind and sometimes possess back-ups in an undying body, this makes a Machine Man essentially immortal. This makes Machine Bodies as well as the status as Machine Man a highly sought out thing. This tends to make Machine Men cocky, arrogant, and overconfident. Depending on the type of Machine Body as well as the mindset of the person in turn, Machine Men can be very dangerous. Some Machine Men however do not possess the destructive qualities that a vast majority does and are capable of coexisting with organic life.

Influence Edit

Because of the amount of Machine Bodies available through their initial creation by the Machine Empire, any person who can find or afford a Machine Body can become a Machine Man. However due to the fall of the Machine Empire, Machine Bodies and their availability have varied by area. Many areas that once were part of the Machine Empire are often the most concentrated areas of Machine Men while still holding onto the ideals of the empire. Because of this, many Machine Men choose to act as a ruling class, over toppling organic life and inferior Machine Bodies. However in some communities including La Metal, Machine Men and organic life shows the ability to coexist and even refute the way of the empire.

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