Vital statistics



Drainage Volume


Engine Output


Maximum Speed

33-48 knots (water)
80 knots (underwater)


3 Twin Anti-Ship weapons x5-8 groups

The Super Dimensional Battleship Mahoroba is a sister battleship to the Yamato produced alongside the original Yamato, the Musashi, and the Shinano. Much like the Space Battleship Yamato, it was rebuilt with new technology including a module that allowed it to travel through time.

Overview Edit


In spite of being produced alongside the Yamato series battleships, the Mahoroba is a different design by size and equipment. It stands more out as a 'Super Yamato' battleship (the Design A-150 battleship). It's name describes a far-off land of bliss and peace with its origins mainly stemmed in the story of Yamato Takeru.

It was created secretly by the Japanese Navy during World War II as part of Operation Ten-Go. However, the US battleships prevented it from being deployed. After the Yamato had sank, the Mahoroba was put into hiding.

Equipment Edit

The Mahoroba is equipped with three interchangeable 51cm guns, some of the strongest cannons equipped onto a Yamato battleship at the time of its development. By its renovations, the Mahoroba was given equipment to suit the era it was rebuilt in, giving it the ability to dive and ascend to even travel through space.

The crew numbers to about 6000 to suit the Mahoroba's needs. The Mahoroba possesses important areas including computer rooms with one being the spare of another in case of emergencies. Each computer functions differently for a task including service and combat.

The Mahoroba is piloted by a series of ten wave superconducting electromagnetic engines that extends to six engine rooms which allow the ship move at a regular speed of 70 knots with the maximum speed being of 200 knots while moving underwater at 100 knots. The engine also allows the Mahoroba to fly and move through space, at its greatest potential, the Mahoroba can even travel through time allowing the impression that it disappears at will.

Other improvements include a rail gun, a missile launcher with 16 twin sub-guns, a high-angle anti-aircraft laser cannon, curved laser weapons, flash depth charges, and vacuum torpedoes. The Mahoroba also carries smaller spacecrafts including a combat helicopter.

History Edit

During the battle on the Revenge of the Earth cruise ship, the Mahoroba had appeared to destroy the ship because of the activities on board by revolutionists who wish to change the outcome of WWII after the battles had ended. On the ship was Toshiro Oyama, the son of a war photographer who was brought onto the ship by the mysterious Yo Haguro to record its lost history. Yo helps Toshiro escape as he takes pictures. After Toshiro joins the Mahoroba as one of its crew members, he goes on to see where fate would lead him next including the ghost crew of the Musashi and Ire Land before disappearing yet again into a future where a cat would be caught in time.

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